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Helicopters Precision Tasks (Overall)

The Overall Winner is derived from the combined results of the two disciplines: PARALLEL FENDER COMPETITION and PARALLEL SLALOM COMPETITION

WHAT IS THE PARALLEL FENDER COMPETITION? This is a race between two helicopters and their crews involving precise manoeuvring. Once the two crews are ready and the co-pilot is holding a length of rope with a boat fender attached, the race is started by a flag. The pilot is guided by the co-pilot to manoeuvre the boat fender clear of the ground and through the first start gate. Once past the first gate, the crew attempts to place the fender into each of three containers half a metre in diameter passing through a new entry gate for each container. The length of the rope to the fender is between 4 and 8 metres and after each successful container drop the rope length will be changed by the copilot to a predetermined length which is indicated by red marker balls attached to the rope. The pilot can not see the fender and can only respond to instructions given by the co-pilot, which requires exceptional team work and lots of practice.

WHAT IS THE PARALLEL SLALOM COMPETITION? The Helicopter Parallel Slalom is a race against time, demanding great precision by the pilot and excellent communication between him and his co-pilot. Two helicopters race simultaneously around a slalom course whilst steering an open bucket full of water through a series of gates one metre wide. Achieving this challenging task requires the pilot to manoeuvre the helicopter forwards, backwards and sideways; he can not see the bucket and has to respond to instructions from his co-pilot. If a gate is missed at the first attempt the crew may try again but all the gates should be taken in the correct order. The pressure of head to head racing must be tempered by a careful, accurate touch and calm piloting. The water bucket rope is held by the co-pilot and the bucket is suspended between 5 and 11 metres below the helicopter. Once the course is completed the bucket must be placed on a table 1 m in diameter and 1 metre high. Penalty points are applied for failing gates, placing the bucket outside a 30 cm target on the table, wrong rope handling and exceeding the time limits.

"Tight teamwork and precise piloting"

Helicopters Precision Tasks (Overall)


Alexander ZHUPERIN (RUS)

Nikolay BUROV (RUS)




Stefan SEER (AUT)