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Gliders will perform a new competition for the very first time during the FAI World Air Games Dubai 2015. The Glider Match Race was specially developed for the World Air Games. This competition consists in testing the gliding skills of the six of the world’s top pilots over five days of competition using the very latest in sailplane technology. The winner will be the fastest pilot and the FAI World Air Games Gliding Champion. 

Traditionally, a glider race involves an all-day flight in which the pilots exploit the energy available in the atmosphere to the greatest extent possible. Due to weather conditions in Dubai in December the thermals necessary for traditional racing will not be available. For this reason, the Glider Match Race was developed. 

In a Match Race, a pair of gliders will fly simultaneously over a predefined course, and whichever pilot completes the course first, without exceeding a specified speed limit, is the winner of the match. The winner will be the pilot who can follow the course more accurately, control the glider more precisely, make more precise turns, and control the speed more effectively, all with the goal of being the first across the finish line. 

After a qualifying round in which all the pilots will be paired against each other once, the winners will face each other in a single-elimination finals round. The winner of the gliding event will be declared Winner of the FAI Gliding Match Racing Championship at the World Air Games 2015 and be awarded the Gold Medal. The pilots placing respectively second and third will be awarded the Silver and the Bronze medals. 

The pilots who will be participating in the Gliding Event are the best glider pilots in the world: national and world champions from Austria, Chile, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, and Poland. 

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