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Royal seal of approval for the FAI World Air Games

December 6, 2015

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum visited the Palm Dropzone in Dubai to watch the FAI World Air Games this afternoon (Sunday 6).

The unassuming ruler of Dubai, who is the second most senior man in the country, toured the venue talking to spectators and competitors.

Director of the World Air Games, His Excellency Yousif Hassan Al Hammadi said the visit was a formal stamp of approval for the event.

His Excellency Al Hammadi said: "He just wanted to stop by to take a coffee and see what was going on. It was a very casual visit, with no security needed."

His Highness's visit coincided with the synchronised paragliding acrobatics and the qualifying round of the helicopter slalom race.

By Andy Pag

Photo: James Pagram / FAI Media Team

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