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September 17, 2015

The World Air Games Torch Tour which began on the 28th, May 2015 from Lausanne, Switzerland travel around the globe inviting the global citizens to WAG Dubai 2015 which starts on December 1st.

The torch is carried around on a Hot Air balloon which follows the below schedule.

Spain, 17-21 September 2015, Skydive in Spain
Netherlands, 22-26 September 2015, FAI General Conference
Botswana, 29 September – 4 October 2015, Aviation Day in Botswana
Italy, 18-25 October 2015, Expo Milan
United states of America, 3-9 October 2015, The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta
South Korea, 9-12 October 20156, th CISM World Games
Japan, 30 October – 3 November 2015, Saga International Balloon Fiesta
Saudi Arabia, 2-7 November 2015, RC tournament